housefarola is hereby unpaused. Thank you for your patience. Looking forward to a bright year of memories and milestones. housefarola is overjoyed to be launching mini-collections in late January. These themed collections have been crafted to perfection with nostalgia of 1988, the peak of gurdwara going, guth wearing, Punjabi speaking, kheer eating good times. Somewhere between the overscheduling, overworking and overindulging I find myself  clawing back from a middle age mom meltdown...  gaining inspiration from simpler times. This collection is dedicated to all those in the trenches of raising families in the best ways they know how. Cheers to us!

Life is a series of a thousand tiny miracles;
Notice them

This year I seek to cultivate parts of my passion project @housefarola that inspire me most. Writing my unedited, misspelled and authentic blogs, making classic pieces for my little sassy lassies and some prints for my baby boys. I want to develop a comprehensive maternity line and delicate pieces for a confident woman who is willing to let simplicity be her mantra. Those who wear @housefarola are unapologetically different.


Thank you for your patience. Please join us every week in starting a dialouge for all things @housefarola.