happy mothers day from the house farola tribe and me, their mom! 

Being a mom has been a wonderful experience. Sometimes it was hard to find a balance between being their friend and having fun yet disciplining them.
We had a comfortable five bedroom house, yet all these girls slept in our bedroom till they started kindergarten.

Threads are in their history. My sister in law knew how to sew clothes and I didn't so I decided I needed to learn. My mother in law (biji) encouraged me and said I could learn fast. She became my first victim. I made her a suit, which she tried on 40 times before I got the fitting right. She didn't discourage me, but politely said I needed to find a better way to get measurements correct. 

I remember back in the day, Harleen would go missing. I always found her in my sewing room digging through my fabrics making herself a new piece of clothing. Her creations were a bit different than mine. The first thing she made was a two piece bikini set in leopard print. And seriously, it wasn't bad.

Ramneek. She would put her foot on the sewing pedal and never stop. The teachers could always hear her in the hallway during home economics. 

Hakikat and her OR hats. She has made tons of them for herself. I would always tell her to buy them but she always chose to sew them herself. She used to help me make comforters. For all the Indian readers- she would 'nagand the rajaian'

Taj. well she wasn't much of a sewing person. So here is a another story about her. Taj oh taj. she is a great cook now, but back when she was little she made her dad saabji and chaa. When I got home i asked their dad ' how was the food?' he said 'good, but both things tasted different'. I finally figured out that she put sonf in the saabji and jeera in the chaa. 

I was a strict parent. I told the girls they would get $50 per A grade that they bought home. Well eventually I was paying out $750 a kid, so ya that ended quickly. 
I am so happy with how they have all grown into themselves. Nobody better out their to pursue house farola than them. They often talk about their dad and yes he is the most gentle person in the world. I am spoiled by them and so are these gals of mine. 
I hope this  blog hasn't been too boring for you. here are the house farola girls through my eyes. I love these girls to death. 

Happy mothers day!
momma farola