here's a few minor details you might not know ☺️

1.  I am terrified of authority. Cops, principals, mall security guards, CBSA, CRA...all of them. My dad secretly is too... He would never admit it.

2.  I make my husbands lunch every day. I know what your thinking. 

3. I'm toId I have a lame sense of humour. I think I'm hilariou

4. My mom is the strongest and smartest person know. She is also a computer genius.

5.  I hate makeup. Just the thought of it makes me tired.  My daily routine is moisturizer and cherry Chapstick.  

6. I'm in bed by 9pm every day.  Wish me luck for motherhood.

7. I was a RN by 21yrs and Chiropractor by 26yrs. I'm smarter than you'd think 🤓

8. I'm spoiled. First by my mom and dad. Now by my husband. 

9. I've gained 17 pounds so far in my pregnancy. I've tried really hard to stay active and eat well. Donuts don't count. 

10. I truly respect those who find contentment  in others happiness and sorrow in others misfortunes. Its a rare breed of people.

11. I don't understand rap music. I'd like to. 

12. I never watch tv. Mostly because I can't figure out which remote turns it on. 

13. We lost our first pregnancy at 3 months last May. It was horrible. I'm still not over it. 

14. I love old school Hindi music. It's just not the same anymore. 

15. One of my biggest fears is alien abductions. ET exists.  He's phoning home as we speak. 

16. I hate onions.  I'm definitely Bhagat's granddaughter. 

17. I STILL have an iPhone4.  My nephew doesn't believe it's an iPhone, that's how old it looks. 

18. Sugar cereal is my weakness. Fruit loops. Cap'n Crunch. Frosted Flakes. Sigh. 

19. I think I'm the most conservative one of the almost all aspects. 

20. I have travelled with a medical team to Guatemala and helped preform surgery for the less fortunate. It was the most defining and formative experience of my early adulthood.  I also climbed a volcano while I was there.

21. I love constellations. When we were kids, my dad used to drive us out to Knutsford to look at comets and constellations. Thanks dad. I will be one of those parents that applies to name a constellation after  their kid. weirdo. 

22. Coca-Cola over Pepsi . Always. 

23. I have super straight hair. Why couldnt I have big curly Indian hair!? 

24. My siblings think I look like snoop dog. I've googled him. I like the pigtails. 

25. I don't know slang. I constantly have to ask taj to translate. So embarrassing. 

What are some things we don't know about you!?




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