I do, I'm totally serious.

1. I am way easier on my kids than I thought I would be before I had them

2.  I love my dad more than he will ever know

3. I am proud of myself. Not many could work my demanding job, and balance it with family, kids, home, a business, workout, and deal with the life issues I have

4. I secretly hope Woody liked living with us better

5. I still miss chunno every single day. thank you biji

6. I have over 350 pairs of shoes, Loubs, manolos, choos, valentinos to 99 cent liquidation  shoes

7. I have diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hello sunny vacations. They are medically  necessary

8. I think about food 24/7. All day err day

9. A shellac mani, regular pedi. Always

10. I work really really hard to stay fit and its so hard

11. I'm am addicted to stress and endophins, in a constant struggle

12. I just finished making a killer butter chicken

13.  I could stay in bed all day and sometimes I do. I admitted I was spoiled in writing last week

14. I miss school. I really want to go back one day. Masters in counselling psychology

15.  I believe in self-fulfillng prophecies and visualization

16.  I'm not entirely convinced if human nature is inherently good or bad

17. Nature or nurture? 70 -30

18.  I think I have the most skeletons in my closet of all the sistas

19. Fireplaces and beverages. Heaven!

20. Cats creep me out, bats too. and rats. there's a theme

21. Its 635 pm and I could go to sleep

22. Saia is slowly turning into a replica of me, in every which way

23. 3 fave vacations; backpacking India, hiking the Grand Canyon and Boracay

24. Wendy's spicy chicken wraps, Mcdonalds big macs, and Jack in the Box stuffed jalapenos

25. I have a huge crush on Bane from Dark Knight. Siggghhhh...