25 Things about Ramneek :) 


1) My nickname is Namu ( yes like the whale) apparently not after the whale specifically..... but I cannot confirm anything.

2) Insomniac to the max....my biggest strokes of genius happen when the rest of the world sleeps. 

3) Wanderluster on a break. Saw sailed and conquered in my younger years. Vegas #50 coming up this year.  

4) Met my husband in summer class at UBC. He claims I was wearing a velour track suit in the heat of July. 

5)  Strongly believe that it is our job to make our ordinary life extraordinary. 

6) I have never gone Black Friday or Boxing Day shopping. I will never line up for anything. 

7) New Years Eve is my favourite Day of the year. There is something about starting fresh on a made up day. 

8)  2016 was the first time I ever filled in my eyebrows. This has been revolutionary.

9) Small town heart in big city shoes. I want to be somewhere between NYC and Hope BC.

10) Car has been broken into 3 times. 3/3 times I left my car door unlocked. One time I had just gotten home from the airport from a trip to India. All my suitcases were stolen along with a 24 roll of toilet paper. 

11) Hate socks or slippers. Bare feet


12) I worry. All day


13) My kids are 11 months apart. Even I'm impressed at what I did. Big pat on the back to me :) Crazy thing is is i am  almost certain that  I'm not done. 


14) Im a splendid chef. 


15) I am intrigued by the meaning of life.


16) I think my Dad is the nicest person in the entire world. Nicer than anyone else I know. He's so nice he doesn't even know how nice he is. Rock on Pops. 


17) I'm a camper and love anything camping related. No glamping neccessary here. 


18) I am messy. But my mess is neccessary. Messy minds creates fab pictures. 


19) Kismet and Mausam grew up with hand me downs from their cousins from cribs to clothes.  I love the history in borrowed items


20) Blue Water Cafe is my favourite Vancouver Resteraunt.  


21) I seriously had a amazing child hood. Mostly because my momma is a free spirit. She never backed away from a bad idea. If we wanted Slurpee at midnight she was the first one in the car.  


22) Funner things over Finer things in life


23) I'm a rule breaker. Not a fearless one. A fearful one. But ill break them all the time. 


24) I have absolutely loved my 30s. I dont have it all together at all and its totally fine.  


25) Please share a little bit of you with me :) Leave a comment below.