25 things about moi.

1. I watch CNN all day. Donald Trump 2016. I'm joking. Relax. Current events- I got you!

2. I hate flying. Hate it. No bathroom breaks, shutters closed. Focus on the destination. Favourite part- meal time!

3. My favourite ice cream flavour is key lime. Actually that's a lie. Mix it with coconut. That's perfection. Chocolate is pretty darn good too!

4. I had placenta prévia til week 37 of my pregnancy. I'm actually a medical marvel in so many ways. We will save this for a later date.

5. My spirit animal- a fox x sloth. you never know what your gonna get.

6. I don't trust morning people. Who likes the morning? Nothing good happens before 10am.

7. food is my savior. cake you are bomb.

8. I hate talking about feelings. Yuck.

9. I get super awkward when people cry.

10. I am stuck in a place between YOLO and eating my veggies. My body would suggest I'm leaning towards yolo. Hips don't lie.

11. I almost died when I was little because I never let go of a rock I was trying to throw into a lake. ummm what? I have more questions mom and dad.

12. I met my husband when I was 19.

13. I hate water. My body is in a constant state of dehydration

14. I have a 3 year old chocolate lab named Woody!

15. Oh and my other son Varis! He's a gem too!

16. I only wear makeup if I absolutely have to. Who doesn't love uneven skin and dark eye circles

17. I cry when I get my eyebrows threaded. Who invented this and why?

18. This one time I refused to go on a family vacation unless my sister flew 20 hrs to meet us in Hawaii for a 24 hour stay inbetween exams. She came. I did buy her a pina colada at the tiki bar. She loves me.

19. I have size 10 feet and have the worst shoe collection cause nothing fits.

20. I hate competition. We all win! Yay!

21. I am a major brat.

22. I always apologize even if it's not my fault. Fighting is a lame waste of time. I'm sorry let's hug and go eat.

23. I hate it when people have crumbs on their butter. Gross. Seriously butter is heaven sent. Treat it with some respect would ya.

24. In elementary school I lied my way to the elite recorder group. Altos? I never even blew into it. Bless you bless you Bonnie bee. Zero contribution to the group. Sorry Mrs. Legault. Oh also my grade 5 teacher called me Surjeet the whole year and I never corrected her.

25. I am not a go getter. Except when it came to my husband. But that's the version of the story I keep to myself.

ya i  know im weird. thanks for reading. that's a few minutes of your life you'll never get back.

- sirtaj sikham