kidney disease hits close to home for me. I'm not entirely sure I'm emotionally ready to talk about it yet, but I absolutely cannot miss this opportunity to raise awareness, considering it is World Kidney Day tomorrow.

I think many of us talk about how we want to donate our organs when we pass away or something happens but how many have actually taken the step to go out and sign the paperwork, or share our wishes with those around us so they know what to do if something terrible happens. one of those things we never want to think about.

take a moment to pray for those with any illness. we don't appreciate the health we have until something around us shatters and we realize how valuable it is. go give each one in your family a hug, (they're gonna wonder why your being creepy loving!).

not to make this a completely depressing post! this is a moment to be thankful and appreciate the health we have. be aware, register for organ donation, and happy kidney day!

prayers to those fighting their battles. And I'm not going to lie, Ill take any prayers, positive thoughts and energy.

all about that healing energy :)