we get praised and commented on so many times on why we model our own clothing... and so much praise on the shapes and sizes and heights of our models. really, we're not a brand looking to evoke an image of "if I wear this, ill look 5'10 and 125 lbs" not us! we're here to embrace who we are. strive to be a better you, whatever that better may be for you!

I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy. and I think 45ish with my second. I've struggled, and worked hard, gotten rid of all the weight post-baby. This last year has been an especially stressful time for me, and I've put on 17lbs. did I mention I'm barely 5'2.

my point being...everyone has their own struggles and everyone has their own high points! I may be 17lbs heavier but my boobs look great :) some days, we don't even have time to snap between everything going on. our company really is a reflection of who we are. our styles, our lives, our everyday.

ladies, let's be who we are! dropping kids up, wiping butts, sweaty after workouts, single and suave, successful career women and those dedicated to raising happy kids. cheers!