My two daughters Kismet and Mausam are eleven months apart. In fact for one month they are both 2. It has been an adjustment into motherhood coupled with a  full frontal nose dive into an amazing new adventure with housefarola. People often ask me how it is to have babies so close in age and I can say that it is  poetically chaotic. 

I have always valued my candid outlook on parenthood. It isn't easy. I don't have my shit together and my life is a constant work in progress. As each day progresses I realize how much I truly parent like my own mother. She was fierce, her standards were high but her heart was always an ocean of love, laughter and good times. I will always forfeit the finer things in life for the "funner." I look forward through my posts to reflect on how my journey has evolved and how my style works for me. 

This is an outlet for us to share our experiences in life. The truthfully raw aspects of it. I love being a mom but some days its hard. Some days its hard being a wife or a daughter or a sister as well. I am doing the best I can and I don't carry guilt. I am proud of who I have become. I have left the comments section on my post open as Id love to hear what other mommas daddies and caregivers have to say on their daily journey into parenting.