well its here; the much awaited blog and the much awaited spring/summer 16 collection. I'm just working on the website and seeing how it flows together.  we carefully talked it over and are releasing the pieces slowly.

on a side note, I'm deathly ill. the kids have been on my case all day. not entirely their fault, because they are sick too. i'm trying to work on the website, I'm trying to prep for the photoshoot tomorrow, and I also got called into work. my face is soooo splotchy. 10 minutes until I can put them to bed.

we will do an initial release of 7-10 pieces. The collection is called the "the front porch." shades of grey, canary on the porch, fresh colors, outdoorsy, spring, oh-so lower-mainland and inspired by the views from our very own front porches.

I'm excited. basically one more day :) stay tuned tribe!