Born from a thousand loves

housefarola is hereby unpaused. Thank you for your patience. Looking forward to a bright year of memories and milestones. housefarola is overjoyed to be launching mini-collections in late January. These themed collections have been crafted to perfection with nostalgia of 1988, the peak of gurdwara going, guth wearing, Punjabi speaking, kheer eating good times. Somewhere between the overscheduling, overworking and overindulging I find myself  clawing back from a middle age mom meltdown...  gaining inspiration from simpler times. This collection is dedicated to all those in the trenches of raising families in the best ways they know how. Cheers to us!

Life is a series of a thousand tiny miracles;
Notice them

This year I seek to cultivate parts of my passion project @housefarola that inspire me most. Writing my unedited, misspelled and authentic blogs, making classic pieces for my little sassy lassies and some prints for my baby boys. I want to develop a comprehensive maternity line and delicate pieces for a confident woman who is willing to let simplicity be her mantra. Those who wear @housefarola are unapologetically different.


Thank you for your patience. Please join us every week in starting a dialouge for all things @housefarola.





House Farola’s novelty summer campaign – ‘ONE LOVE’ captivates the beautiful integration of five different ethnicities unifying to celebrate authenticity, diversity and refined style exclusivity. ONE LOVE is a celebration of women universally. 

It is a reminder that style is limitless. Women of every shape, size and most significantly cultural background can too incorporate swanky yet a sophisticated fun spin on contemporary fashion whenever and however they please to do so. The key is to push beyond your limits … experiment, conquer, embrace your individuality and respect those who aren’t afraid to embrace their self being. 

It is a crucial message to be shared amongst our destructive, hate pervaded and discriminatory world to simply extend and multiply that much needed dose of love through our sisters near and far.

It is a campaign that is surely synonymous with the mastermind sisters behind HOUSE FAROLA who incorporate fuses of their distinct personalities and lifestyles into threads that weave straight from the heart. Through bold prints, fun colors, courageous pairings and of course a damn right RAW morale, House Farola transcends the commercial acceptance of trends, celebrity style influencers and the power of materialistic goods. Style defines your personal expression … Fashion is love, weaving us together in a hub as one. One Love.




tis the season for pies!

if you are anything like the sikham's we host a lot. sometimes uninvited guests (wont mention any names but there is a lot of repeat offenders! i love you still i promise :) !! ) sometimes invited and everything in between. our house is often a snack pit stop, last minute dinner reservation or a convenient drop in facility! which we love by the way! 

we love to eat, and eat and eat and eat and so do most of the people who stop by

in all my modesty i think i am a pretty darn good chef. watching cooking shows, trying new recipes or for heck's sake winging it like i too often do. but in reality you don't always have the time to make a perfectly crafted meal!

in case you missed it from earlier- we like to eat! our fridge is stocked with everything always and our bevy selection is out of this world- always.

we can whip up a tasty meal in no time but we usually don't have a cake ready to be iced if you know what i mean. 

that being said i've put together some pretty spectacular desserts right on the spot. 

Find my top 5 go to in a jiffy summer desserts that will make you look like a tiny bit of a martha stewart in the kitchen without breaking your back or the bank!

1.  PIES! because its summer time its probably safe to assume you have some seasonal fruits in your treasure trove!  the 3 safest and easiest are Blueberry, Strawberry and Apple

recipe: Filling- mix washed and dried fruit with cinnamon, melted butter, brown sugar and vanilla extract

            Crust: i always have some pre- made ready to roll pie crusts in the freezer for emergency dessert dates! If you don't have any crust nor the time to make it fresh you can always make a crumble with Oats, brown sugar, butter and sprinkle the top with walnuts!

cook in the oven for 30-45 minutes at 400 C. not only will your mouth love you- your house will smell magnificent too! 

2. WARM COOKIES & ICE CREAM! We usually always have cookies in our pantry. Chocolate chip or Macadamia Nut. Toss them in the oven at 375C for 10minutes and you've got yourself a freshly warmed cookie which you can always pretend is freshly baked (shhh). Top it off with some ice cream and some seasonal berries and your good to go! 

3. CARAMELIZED BANANA. going bananas over bananas. on medium heat melt butter and lightly caramelize banana halves. Top with whipping cream and add some coconut flakes on top for added flavour and a feeling of tropical paradise! lemon zest goes a long way too! 

4. MILKSHAKES. bring all the boys to the yard with summer classic. who can turn down a milkshake? nobody! you can virtually add anything into your blender with ice cream and it will taste like summer in your mouth. My favourite go to is always strawberry. For extra rich and creamy tasty, and extra calories fill the bottom quarter of the glass with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and top with blended mixture. serve with a spoon and some fresh berries for decor! a fancy straw always helps too! 

5. POPSICLES- these are the healthiest of the bunch! Puree fruit of choice in a blender, add sugar, yogurt and pour into popsicle molds. You can also freeze in single serve dishes for ease and wee bit more sophistication. Freeze atleast 3 hours. 

all this has me craving a little sweet treat, so im heading into the kitchen and hoping these super quick, easy and tasty recipes can help you when your in a pickle this bbq season! if you have any recipes share them below, id love to add some to my growing list! Happy Eating and Happy Summer!

- taj :) 







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a glimpse of me...


here's a few minor details you might not know ☺️

1.  I am terrified of authority. Cops, principals, mall security guards, CBSA, CRA...all of them. My dad secretly is too... He would never admit it.

2.  I make my husbands lunch every day. I know what your thinking. 

3. I'm toId I have a lame sense of humour. I think I'm hilariou

4. My mom is the strongest and smartest person know. She is also a computer genius.

5.  I hate makeup. Just the thought of it makes me tired.  My daily routine is moisturizer and cherry Chapstick.  

6. I'm in bed by 9pm every day.  Wish me luck for motherhood.

7. I was a RN by 21yrs and Chiropractor by 26yrs. I'm smarter than you'd think 🤓

8. I'm spoiled. First by my mom and dad. Now by my husband. 

9. I've gained 17 pounds so far in my pregnancy. I've tried really hard to stay active and eat well. Donuts don't count. 

10. I truly respect those who find contentment  in others happiness and sorrow in others misfortunes. Its a rare breed of people.

11. I don't understand rap music. I'd like to. 

12. I never watch tv. Mostly because I can't figure out which remote turns it on. 

13. We lost our first pregnancy at 3 months last May. It was horrible. I'm still not over it. 

14. I love old school Hindi music. It's just not the same anymore. 

15. One of my biggest fears is alien abductions. ET exists.  He's phoning home as we speak. 

16. I hate onions.  I'm definitely Bhagat's granddaughter. 

17. I STILL have an iPhone4.  My nephew doesn't believe it's an iPhone, that's how old it looks. 

18. Sugar cereal is my weakness. Fruit loops. Cap'n Crunch. Frosted Flakes. Sigh. 

19. I think I'm the most conservative one of the almost all aspects. 

20. I have travelled with a medical team to Guatemala and helped preform surgery for the less fortunate. It was the most defining and formative experience of my early adulthood.  I also climbed a volcano while I was there.

21. I love constellations. When we were kids, my dad used to drive us out to Knutsford to look at comets and constellations. Thanks dad. I will be one of those parents that applies to name a constellation after  their kid. weirdo. 

22. Coca-Cola over Pepsi . Always. 

23. I have super straight hair. Why couldnt I have big curly Indian hair!? 

24. My siblings think I look like snoop dog. I've googled him. I like the pigtails. 

25. I don't know slang. I constantly have to ask taj to translate. So embarrassing. 

What are some things we don't know about you!?




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momma farola

happy mothers day from the house farola tribe and me, their mom! 

Being a mom has been a wonderful experience. Sometimes it was hard to find a balance between being their friend and having fun yet disciplining them.
We had a comfortable five bedroom house, yet all these girls slept in our bedroom till they started kindergarten.

Threads are in their history. My sister in law knew how to sew clothes and I didn't so I decided I needed to learn. My mother in law (biji) encouraged me and said I could learn fast. She became my first victim. I made her a suit, which she tried on 40 times before I got the fitting right. She didn't discourage me, but politely said I needed to find a better way to get measurements correct. 

I remember back in the day, Harleen would go missing. I always found her in my sewing room digging through my fabrics making herself a new piece of clothing. Her creations were a bit different than mine. The first thing she made was a two piece bikini set in leopard print. And seriously, it wasn't bad.

Ramneek. She would put her foot on the sewing pedal and never stop. The teachers could always hear her in the hallway during home economics. 

Hakikat and her OR hats. She has made tons of them for herself. I would always tell her to buy them but she always chose to sew them herself. She used to help me make comforters. For all the Indian readers- she would 'nagand the rajaian'

Taj. well she wasn't much of a sewing person. So here is a another story about her. Taj oh taj. she is a great cook now, but back when she was little she made her dad saabji and chaa. When I got home i asked their dad ' how was the food?' he said 'good, but both things tasted different'. I finally figured out that she put sonf in the saabji and jeera in the chaa. 

I was a strict parent. I told the girls they would get $50 per A grade that they bought home. Well eventually I was paying out $750 a kid, so ya that ended quickly. 
I am so happy with how they have all grown into themselves. Nobody better out their to pursue house farola than them. They often talk about their dad and yes he is the most gentle person in the world. I am spoiled by them and so are these gals of mine. 
I hope this  blog hasn't been too boring for you. here are the house farola girls through my eyes. I love these girls to death. 

Happy mothers day!
momma farola



my endless thoughts........

25 Things about Ramneek :) 


1) My nickname is Namu ( yes like the whale) apparently not after the whale specifically..... but I cannot confirm anything.

2) Insomniac to the biggest strokes of genius happen when the rest of the world sleeps. 

3) Wanderluster on a break. Saw sailed and conquered in my younger years. Vegas #50 coming up this year.  

4) Met my husband in summer class at UBC. He claims I was wearing a velour track suit in the heat of July. 

5)  Strongly believe that it is our job to make our ordinary life extraordinary. 

6) I have never gone Black Friday or Boxing Day shopping. I will never line up for anything. 

7) New Years Eve is my favourite Day of the year. There is something about starting fresh on a made up day. 

8)  2016 was the first time I ever filled in my eyebrows. This has been revolutionary.

9) Small town heart in big city shoes. I want to be somewhere between NYC and Hope BC.

10) Car has been broken into 3 times. 3/3 times I left my car door unlocked. One time I had just gotten home from the airport from a trip to India. All my suitcases were stolen along with a 24 roll of toilet paper. 

11) Hate socks or slippers. Bare feet


12) I worry. All day


13) My kids are 11 months apart. Even I'm impressed at what I did. Big pat on the back to me :) Crazy thing is is i am  almost certain that  I'm not done. 


14) Im a splendid chef. 


15) I am intrigued by the meaning of life.


16) I think my Dad is the nicest person in the entire world. Nicer than anyone else I know. He's so nice he doesn't even know how nice he is. Rock on Pops. 


17) I'm a camper and love anything camping related. No glamping neccessary here. 


18) I am messy. But my mess is neccessary. Messy minds creates fab pictures. 


19) Kismet and Mausam grew up with hand me downs from their cousins from cribs to clothes.  I love the history in borrowed items


20) Blue Water Cafe is my favourite Vancouver Resteraunt.  


21) I seriously had a amazing child hood. Mostly because my momma is a free spirit. She never backed away from a bad idea. If we wanted Slurpee at midnight she was the first one in the car.  


22) Funner things over Finer things in life


23) I'm a rule breaker. Not a fearless one. A fearful one. But ill break them all the time. 


24) I have absolutely loved my 30s. I dont have it all together at all and its totally fine.  


25) Please share a little bit of you with me :) Leave a comment below. 



1. I love eating my own boogers

I do, I'm totally serious.

1. I am way easier on my kids than I thought I would be before I had them

2.  I love my dad more than he will ever know

3. I am proud of myself. Not many could work my demanding job, and balance it with family, kids, home, a business, workout, and deal with the life issues I have

4. I secretly hope Woody liked living with us better

5. I still miss chunno every single day. thank you biji

6. I have over 350 pairs of shoes, Loubs, manolos, choos, valentinos to 99 cent liquidation  shoes

7. I have diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder. Hello sunny vacations. They are medically  necessary

8. I think about food 24/7. All day err day

9. A shellac mani, regular pedi. Always

10. I work really really hard to stay fit and its so hard

11. I'm am addicted to stress and endophins, in a constant struggle

12. I just finished making a killer butter chicken

13.  I could stay in bed all day and sometimes I do. I admitted I was spoiled in writing last week

14. I miss school. I really want to go back one day. Masters in counselling psychology

15.  I believe in self-fulfillng prophecies and visualization

16.  I'm not entirely convinced if human nature is inherently good or bad

17. Nature or nurture? 70 -30

18.  I think I have the most skeletons in my closet of all the sistas

19. Fireplaces and beverages. Heaven!

20. Cats creep me out, bats too. and rats. there's a theme

21. Its 635 pm and I could go to sleep

22. Saia is slowly turning into a replica of me, in every which way

23. 3 fave vacations; backpacking India, hiking the Grand Canyon and Boracay

24. Wendy's spicy chicken wraps, Mcdonalds big macs, and Jack in the Box stuffed jalapenos

25. I have a huge crush on Bane from Dark Knight. Siggghhhh...




25 things about moi!

25 things about moi.

1. I watch CNN all day. Donald Trump 2016. I'm joking. Relax. Current events- I got you!

2. I hate flying. Hate it. No bathroom breaks, shutters closed. Focus on the destination. Favourite part- meal time!

3. My favourite ice cream flavour is key lime. Actually that's a lie. Mix it with coconut. That's perfection. Chocolate is pretty darn good too!

4. I had placenta prévia til week 37 of my pregnancy. I'm actually a medical marvel in so many ways. We will save this for a later date.

5. My spirit animal- a fox x sloth. you never know what your gonna get.

6. I don't trust morning people. Who likes the morning? Nothing good happens before 10am.

7. food is my savior. cake you are bomb.

8. I hate talking about feelings. Yuck.

9. I get super awkward when people cry.

10. I am stuck in a place between YOLO and eating my veggies. My body would suggest I'm leaning towards yolo. Hips don't lie.

11. I almost died when I was little because I never let go of a rock I was trying to throw into a lake. ummm what? I have more questions mom and dad.

12. I met my husband when I was 19.

13. I hate water. My body is in a constant state of dehydration

14. I have a 3 year old chocolate lab named Woody!

15. Oh and my other son Varis! He's a gem too!

16. I only wear makeup if I absolutely have to. Who doesn't love uneven skin and dark eye circles

17. I cry when I get my eyebrows threaded. Who invented this and why?

18. This one time I refused to go on a family vacation unless my sister flew 20 hrs to meet us in Hawaii for a 24 hour stay inbetween exams. She came. I did buy her a pina colada at the tiki bar. She loves me.

19. I have size 10 feet and have the worst shoe collection cause nothing fits.

20. I hate competition. We all win! Yay!

21. I am a major brat.

22. I always apologize even if it's not my fault. Fighting is a lame waste of time. I'm sorry let's hug and go eat.

23. I hate it when people have crumbs on their butter. Gross. Seriously butter is heaven sent. Treat it with some respect would ya.

24. In elementary school I lied my way to the elite recorder group. Altos? I never even blew into it. Bless you bless you Bonnie bee. Zero contribution to the group. Sorry Mrs. Legault. Oh also my grade 5 teacher called me Surjeet the whole year and I never corrected her.

25. I am not a go getter. Except when it came to my husband. But that's the version of the story I keep to myself.

ya i  know im weird. thanks for reading. that's a few minutes of your life you'll never get back.

- sirtaj sikham



shake it!

here's a few of the fresh fruit and veggies shakes I like to make especially for breakfast.  the beauty of making shakes is you can add as much or as little as you want to customize it to your liking!  


citrus delight :

0.5 peeled orange

0.5 peeled banana

0.5 cup plain Greek yogurt 

0.5 lime or lemon juice

0.5 cup frozen mango chunks


berry merry:

0.5 cup blueberries

0.5 cup raspberries

0.5 cup chopped strawberries

0.5 cup plain Greek yogurt


green goodness:

0.5 cup spinach 

0.5 cup kale

0.5 peeled orange

0.5 peeled banana

0.5 cup plain Greek yogurt


add water and ice for desired consistency 🙂 You can swap out the water for any juice and the plain yogurt for any flavoured yogurt.  disclaimer!! these are by no means weight loss shakes. I  find these shakes a easy way to get a few servings of fruits or veggies first thing in the morning! enjoy!







A balanced life is a lie.

A balanced life is a lie. 

Often times when plagued by the meaning of life I find myself deep in the search for answers. I find a solace labelling my feelings. I recall one evening not too long ago lying in bed thinking to myself why is my life so busy? Where is the balance? What is my end game and am I truly happy?  In all honesty, I was looking for freedom from guilt. I have changed tremendously this past year and am working to appreciate the new me. In my search for answers,  I came across a beautiful article and many of these ideas I share came from this wonderful reading experience. 

The guilt in part came from perhaps the concept that much of my life was spent living on the straight line trajectory. Knocking down milestones. One thing at a time, one goal at a time. I would cross the finish line and move onto the next single focused goal. My short sighted goals were very comforting, finish school, graduate, find a job, collect my paycheque, get married and have children. I felt balanced. I was working on one goal and there was a finite way to measure success. There was safety, security, stability yet I constantly found myself to be unfulfilled.

At age 33, for the first time in my life I feel very uncomfortable. The discomfort is a result of moving off the  trajectory and realizing that from this point forward the goals i set are for myself and follow no set plan. Im trying things that may not work, taking risks, making bold decisions that make people question my priorities. My  goals don't have finish lines and there will be no immediate results. I am amidst a perfect storm working to excel in all facets of my life.

I am a great mother, a remarkable wife, a loyal daughter a supportive sister and a dedicated hard working entrepreneur.  The time has come to water my own grass.  Extraordinary results require focussed attention and time. And time for one thing means time away from another. Balance is an idea. But in reality doesn't exist. Some days, weeks and months will require me to water a different aspects of my garden but I am finished looking for balance. 

So here I find myself over the last few weeks perhaps taking a step back from who I used to be. I am seeking a successful life. If you go out to seek success no matter what it is you will definitely live your life out of balance " crisscrossing the invisible middle line as you pursue your priorities."  So balance is an idea and leave it just at that.






world kidney day - march 10

kidney disease hits close to home for me. I'm not entirely sure I'm emotionally ready to talk about it yet, but I absolutely cannot miss this opportunity to raise awareness, considering it is World Kidney Day tomorrow.

I think many of us talk about how we want to donate our organs when we pass away or something happens but how many have actually taken the step to go out and sign the paperwork, or share our wishes with those around us so they know what to do if something terrible happens. one of those things we never want to think about.

take a moment to pray for those with any illness. we don't appreciate the health we have until something around us shatters and we realize how valuable it is. go give each one in your family a hug, (they're gonna wonder why your being creepy loving!).

not to make this a completely depressing post! this is a moment to be thankful and appreciate the health we have. be aware, register for organ donation, and happy kidney day!

prayers to those fighting their battles. And I'm not going to lie, Ill take any prayers, positive thoughts and energy.

all about that healing energy :)


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A side of ketchup

I think anyone that has ever been to India has had that feeling. The feeling of desperately trying to find anything that feels like home. No Maggie ketchup for me. Just Heinz please.

But this trip has turned out to be so much more than trying to find ketchup.

India has always been captivating. To see where our ancestors were raised, the stories, the roots. There's something so beautiful about being recognized as my dads daughter. Biloo's daughter I am. Biloo from Farola, district Jalandhar.

This time came the pind of Rupowal and with it came a new recognition. "The Sikhams daughter in law." The pind was always bustling; the local kids practicing soccer, village girls giggling at Varis, the women gossiping and the cups of tea. Thats when it hit me. I wasn't just visiting, This was my pind, These were my people. I even have a family home down the alley. I had become a part of this new legacy.

Whether it's my dad's daughter or the Sikhams daughter in law, I'm happy with not being known by my own first name here. Somewhere between Biloo and the Sikhams I created my own little family, with its own vibe and its own happiness.

So there I was, at the corner store, next to the local dhaba searching for ketchup that tasted like home, but then I actually found home.

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the smell of roses...


I think we are all slightly guilty of focusing a lot of our attention on the bigger picture. I know I am.  We are trained to plan for the future...especially when it comes to our education, finances family etc.  And although the latter is very important , I think it's sometimes too easy to get caught up in all that and forget to focus on the present. I have been guilty of that myself.  

It's not until my siblings started having kids, that I realized how fast everything passes. In the blink of an eye, our first little baby of the family is already almost 7!!  Our parents have started greying,  I can't shop the same places I used to, and I found my first spider vein a few weeks ago!(eeeek!!) 

Whether its spending time with your kids, or parents or friends,travelling the world, or having a quiet cup of coffee with your favourite person...let's all try and make the time to do and appreciate the little things in life that make it so special. A walk in the park, a scoop of icecream with grandma or playing board games with your little nephew...make time for what's important. Take some time to stop and smell the roses...

I'd love to hear about the little big things in your life!




My Irish Twins

My two daughters Kismet and Mausam are eleven months apart. In fact for one month they are both 2. It has been an adjustment into motherhood coupled with a  full frontal nose dive into an amazing new adventure with housefarola. People often ask me how it is to have babies so close in age and I can say that it is  poetically chaotic. 

I have always valued my candid outlook on parenthood. It isn't easy. I don't have my shit together and my life is a constant work in progress. As each day progresses I realize how much I truly parent like my own mother. She was fierce, her standards were high but her heart was always an ocean of love, laughter and good times. I will always forfeit the finer things in life for the "funner." I look forward through my posts to reflect on how my journey has evolved and how my style works for me. 

This is an outlet for us to share our experiences in life. The truthfully raw aspects of it. I love being a mom but some days its hard. Some days its hard being a wife or a daughter or a sister as well. I am doing the best I can and I don't carry guilt. I am proud of who I have become. I have left the comments section on my post open as Id love to hear what other mommas daddies and caregivers have to say on their daily journey into parenting. 




we get praised and commented on so many times on why we model our own clothing... and so much praise on the shapes and sizes and heights of our models. really, we're not a brand looking to evoke an image of "if I wear this, ill look 5'10 and 125 lbs" not us! we're here to embrace who we are. strive to be a better you, whatever that better may be for you!

I gained 50 lbs with my first pregnancy. and I think 45ish with my second. I've struggled, and worked hard, gotten rid of all the weight post-baby. This last year has been an especially stressful time for me, and I've put on 17lbs. did I mention I'm barely 5'2.

my point being...everyone has their own struggles and everyone has their own high points! I may be 17lbs heavier but my boobs look great :) some days, we don't even have time to snap between everything going on. our company really is a reflection of who we are. our styles, our lives, our everyday.

ladies, let's be who we are! dropping kids up, wiping butts, sweaty after workouts, single and suave, successful career women and those dedicated to raising happy kids. cheers!





The Front Porch

wow! the response to the collection release has been soooo overwhelming! thanks to everyone for their love! in response to the love we have gotten, we will be releasing 4 new pieces tonight, even though we weren't planning on releasing our next batch until the weekend!

soooo let me work on it, lets get these new pieces on the site! we wanna hear what you think! feel free to comment and post and share!

I will be giving some background on the origin of the name  "the front porch collection" in upcoming posts.




Our Journey

well its here; the much awaited blog and the much awaited spring/summer 16 collection. I'm just working on the website and seeing how it flows together.  we carefully talked it over and are releasing the pieces slowly.

on a side note, I'm deathly ill. the kids have been on my case all day. not entirely their fault, because they are sick too. i'm trying to work on the website, I'm trying to prep for the photoshoot tomorrow, and I also got called into work. my face is soooo splotchy. 10 minutes until I can put them to bed.

we will do an initial release of 7-10 pieces. The collection is called the "the front porch." shades of grey, canary on the porch, fresh colors, outdoorsy, spring, oh-so lower-mainland and inspired by the views from our very own front porches.

I'm excited. basically one more day :) stay tuned tribe!